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Frederik Croene

The Belgian musician, improviser and composer Frederik Croene (1973) got his first piano lessons from organist-pianist Marcel Swolffs in Beernem. After playing as an amateur, he enrolled at the Lemmensinstituut to study with Alan Weiss. Because of a growing interest in contemporary music and new practices in performing, he moved to Ghent and took piano lessons from Claude Coppens. Afterwards he moved to Brussels where he acquired his master diploma from his last mentor Boyan Vodenitcharov.He has given traditional piano recitals in Estland, Slovakia, Russia, Hongary, Germany, France and the Netherlands. He performed there as well premieres of Belgian music for which he consequently received the Pelemans award in 2005. In 2002 he also won the Sabam award at the Orfeus competition for performing contemporary piano music.His first album, a radical mix of style and playing techniques, was released in 2003 by the Ghent’ concerthall Handelsbeurs and was received with enthousiasm by the press and public. Thereafter he is playing on important festivals in Belgium and abroad. In addition to creating new piano pieces from young composers (friends), Frederik Croene has been reworking traditional situations of instrument and his performer, out of the concept of deconstructed pianos. It has resulted in (piano)music for dance, live-accompaniments of silent movies, musical installation art and solo-performances with ‘Le Piano Démécanisé’ in collaboration with artists from different disciplines: Hallveig Agustsdottir (visual art), Lawrence Malstaf (installation art), Liv Hanne Haugen (dance), Edurne Rubio (video art), Timo Van Luijk (music), Erik Bassier (performance), Joris Verdoodt (graphic design) and with many musicians from diverse genres.
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