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Performatik : Franziska Windisch / Hallveig Agustsdottir & Frederik Croene / Jeroen Uyttendaele & Dewi de Vree
26/02/2013 - 20:30 - €8

White box? Black cube? Take your seat in an exhibition, walk round a stage show.

The starting point and core of the new edition of Performatik, the Brussels performance art biennale, are encounters between artists from the performing arts and the visual arts, taking the time to explore each other’s worlds and arrive at something new together.

The act of drawing runs like a thread throughout the festival, such as in the activities of CENTRALE and Q-O2.

Franziska Windisch [DE/BE]: Charcoal Circles

Franziska Windisch draws on the floor with a piece of charcoal. The sound it makes is amplified. This is a study of the relationship between decomposition, sound and movement.

Hallveig Agustsdottir & Frederik Croene [IS/BE]: Performance Sketches

Hallveig Agustsdottir draws and Frederik Croene plays the piano. The drawings are a sort of graphic score for the music and vice versa: the music directs the drawing.

Jeroen Uyttendaele & Dewi de Vree [BE/NL]: Ground

In Ground, graphite drawings are used to play electronic instruments. The main actions in this audiovisual composition are drawing, erasing and touching.

Reservation recommended.

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