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Tiptoe Company, Frederik Croene & Patricia Alessandrini
26/05/2017 - 28/05/2017

Guitarist Jona Kesteleyn and bassist Peter Lenaerts (Tiptoe Company) explore new horizons in cooperation with pianist Frederik Croene. The latter has developed and refined its own musical vocabulary on the basis of his Piano Démécanisé, a dismantled piano whose naked piano part is played by elements of the same piano. The trio will explore this instrument and investigate what happens when a guitarist or bassist discover the dismantled piano on the basis of their own skills, techniques and knowledge. Sound that is not expected by listeners is made audible. In addition, the adjacent visual exploration of this projects balances on the thin lines of performance and instrumental theatre.

The format of collective improvisation will furthermore inspire the Italian-American composer Patricia Alessandrini. She sheds her light on the cooperation and will examine aspects of music perception, interpretation and memory. Through the use of live electronics, she will enter a close collaboration with the musicians.

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