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Tiptoe Company, Frederik Croene & Patricia Alessandrini
28/05/2017 - 20:00

Pianist and composer Frederik Croene, and composer and sound artist Patricia Alessandrini are working together with bassist Pieter Lenaerts and guitarist Jona Kesteleyn, the musical heart of the Tiptoe Company’s ensemble. The starting point of this concert relates to the sound and the playing techniques of the “piano démécanisé” from Frederik Croene’s repertoire. This sound is transformed into new sound material, led by Patricia Alessandrini. The instruments form together a new, larger instrument that is played by the three musicians with a good sense of deconstruction and light chaos. Electric instruments are gaining acoustic power, a guitar is played as a piano or vice versa, and sounds often slightly move rather than make a sound movement itself.


Concert program (ca. 50′)


* Menus morceaux pour un autre moi réunis (2009) by Patricia Alessandrini, performed by Jona Kesteleyn (guitar) and Patricia Alessandrini (live electronics)
* Improvisation by Pieter Lenaerts (double bass)
* Presentation of “Building a meta-instrument” (working title)  by Jona Kesteleyn (electric guitar and objects), Pieter Lenaerts, (electric bass guitar and objects), Frederik Croene (piano frame and feedback) & Patricia Alessandrini (live electronics)


Free entrance


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