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workspace for experimental music and sound art

The residencies at Q-O2 offer time and space for artistic research, reflection, and creation in the field of experimental music and sound art. For each residency, we provide the necessary technical equipment, a travel allowance of 150€ maximum, and accommodation in the Q-O2 apartment for international residents. Residencies are usually between three and six weeks long.

Upon completion of the residency, a presentation to an audience can be arranged if desired but is not expected of the artist. What we require are some traces of the residency, whether these are left in word, image and/or audio form. If you are interested to get involved with the city and its inhabitants, we are here to help to make such meetings possible.

For the residencies in 2020, we are open for all proposals, but would like to specifically encourage artists who are also organisers. Being in such a position ourselves, we are curious to think through how artists are involved in producing communities, networks, and informal or ad-hoc infrastructures as an alternative to a work field that is increasingly institutionalised. The next deadline for proposals is August 30th 2019 for residencies in 2020.


We would like to receive from you a concise presentation (+/- one A4 page) of yourself and your plan for this residency. You might add a link to some online information about your work. We are explicitly not expecting a production or product, but an idea to start the residency off, as to make the rather short time more fruitful.

Nomi Epstein - for Collect Project 18/7/19
Michael J. Schumacher 9/6/2019
Pom Bouvier Frictions 30/7/2019

Q-O2 is supported by the Flemish Community, VGC and Creative Europe
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