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Burkhard Beins

Burkhard Beins (Lower Saxony, d 1964) lives in Berlin since 1995. As a composer/performer working in the fields of experimental music and sound art he is known for his definitive use of percussion in combination with selected objects. Furthermore he works with electronics, electro-acoustic instruments and devices . Since the late 1980's he performs at internationally renowned venues and festivals throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. He works solo, in collaboration with Keith Rowe, Sven-Åke Johansson, Chris Abrahams, Orm Finnendahl, John Tilbury, Charlemagne Palestine and is also a member of groups like Perlonex, Activity Center, Polwechsel, The Sealed Knot, Phosphor, Mensch Mensch Mensch, and Splitter Orchester. Meanwhile he has released more than 40 CDs and LPs. Burkhard Beins gives lectures and workshops, has published several articles on music theory, and is a co-editor of the book „Echtzeitmusik Berlin – Self-Defining a Scene“.
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