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Treatise by Cornelius Cardew
04/10/2003 - 20:00

Keith Rowe is one of the pioneers of the European improvisation scene. He works in a conceptual way, inspired by visual arts.
For this project, Keith Rowe will conduct the working proces of an electro-acoustic ensemble. ‘The Treatise’, a graphic score by Cornelius Cardew, will function as the formal and conceptual starting point for the rehearsals and concerts. “Playing music without playing your instrument” will be the concept behind a collective investigation into improvisation and sound.

Keith Rowe & electro-acoustic ensemble / Cornelius Cardew: Treatise

Abstract Adventures#5 is a project by Q-O2, in collaboration with MUSiCLAB and Happy New Ears, with:

Alex Waterman, cello; Andrea Neumann, electronics; Axel Dörner, trumpet; Burkhard Beins, percussion; Gabriel Paiuk, piano; Julia Eckhardt,viola; Keith Rowe, table top guitar; Lucio Capece, bass clarinet and soprano saxophone; Sergio Merce, electronics.

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Nika Son - Scatter

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