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Burkhard Beins : SEKANTE
02/05/2008 - 05/05/2008

Friday 19 > 21h

Saturday/Sunday 16 > 21h

Monday 12 > 18h

In SEKANTE Burkhard Beins is using polystyrene objects installed on columns, corners or walls and ceiling of the room. Long strings going all across the room become played by chip-controlled propellers to make those objects resonate. Each propeller is continuously performing it’s individual course of frequency independently. Always unpredictable numbers and combinations of resonating elements – densely layered multiplicities of sounds and overtones alternating with silence or very sparse action – have been achieved by the use of prime numbers for generating the different frequencies.

The audience can move around in the room freely to get quite different acoustic perspectives of the sounds and their combinations. For the opening there will be also a live performance of POR, a “hand-played” version which was actually the origin for this sound installation.

concept & realisation: Burkhard Beins, technical development: Sukandar Kartadinata

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