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Tisha Mukarji & Angharad Davies + Mensch Mensch Mensch
01/06/2013 - 20:30 - €8

Mensch Mensch Mensch is Liz Allbee (trumpets, electronics, vox) & 
Burkhard Beins (analog synthesizers, live-electronics). Multi-instrumentalist Liz Allbee and percussionist Burkhard Beins team up for some live-electro-acoustic explorations. Informed by their connatural musical backgrounds ranging from industrial/noise via musique concrète to free improvisation the two players create interactive fields of an imaginarchic nature.

Angharad Davies and Tisha Mukarji will play compositions by ao. Christian Wolff (for John Material) and Tisha Mukarji (Reasoning Resonance #1). Tisha Mukarji is a pianist and composer, Angharad Davies is a violinist whose work is situated in the complex intersection of improvised and composed music.

Liz Allbee (trumpets, electronics, vox)

Burkhard Beins (analog synthesizers, live-electronics)


Tisha Mukarji (piano)

Angharad Davies (violin)

In collaboration with Beursschouwburg.

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