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Andrea Parkins + Glück
18/04/2012 - 20:30

Andrea Parkins (electric accordion, objects, electronics) performs Faulty (broken acts),  a live re-imagining of her immersive site-based work, Faulty (broken orbit). An exploration of mic’ed surfaces and amplified quotidian objects (collected, invented, imagined or implied), activated into movement and then layered against a shifting, slowly settling field of electronic feedback and live-processed instruments, Faulty (broken acts)  sets out to build elaborate and precarious systems in the manner of inventor Rube Goldberg’s circuitous machines, which Parkins cites as inspiration for her customized sound processing as well as her sonic architecture: emphasizing idiosyncrasy and awkwardness, movement from fracture to stillness, tenuous states and the threat of things falling apart.

Glück (Enrico Malatesta, Christian Wolfarth, Michael Vorfeld, Ingar Zach, Burkhard Beins – percussion) combines percussionists of diverse stripes and their individual pronounced ways of playing. The five musicians are internationally renowned as soloists and with various musical outfits. An extremely sound orientated, fragile and transparent approach to their indiosyncratic percussion sets is what they all have in common.

From diverse conjoint long-term projects arose the shared wish to put the musical experiences made within these collaborations into a wider context. By means of compositional and improvisational methods the quintet creates new forms of contemporary percussion music, their own discreet language and a distinctive group aesthetic.

In collaboration with Beursschouwburg.

Entrance: €6.

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