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Dianne Weller & Ruben Nachtergaele
02/03/2016 - 20/03/2016

Working Title: Choreographing the Listening

Residency information for new sound installation performance working with:

Dianne Weller, Ruben Nachtegaele, Alessandra Coppola, Fanny Zaman, Ludo Engels, Hans Meijer, Elke Van Campenhout & Elias Vervecken (foley expert) Emiliano Battista (philosopher) (scientists) TBD

“The audience’s ears hear sounds, and their eyes see you being that sound. Dance is the sound made visible.  .” Anonymous

Research has found that when we are in a deep listening situation we are less aware of the physical body and how it behaves. What does this ‘unaware’ body look like? How does it move? What are its reactions? And how does it look like in a combined situation with a group of people? These are some of the questions of our research into the listening process and how does it affect the body.

This performance installation Choreographing the listening, is interested in how sound embodies itself, how we can experience sound physically. What does this physical experience look like and how can we observe and shared it with an audience.

Using sound in the context of short constructed ‘Radio plays’, this direct observation will be set against neurological and philosophical findings on the subject concerning what affects listening have on the body and how it manifests itself.

In this residency we will begin a first research into creating the ‘Radio Plays’ component of this piece. We need to construct sound which Inspires physical reactions from an audience of listeners and work on how to heighten the listening process

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