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27/08/2021 - 12/09/2021
11/09/2021 - 14:00 - free
04/09/2021 - 16h
Het Blokfluitasiel – Lukas De Clerck, Angelica Castello, Katelijne Lanneau, Matthias Vernier
Lukas De Clerck, Angélica Castelló

AirBag/14Holes consists of a large central air cushion with 14 bulging cones.
By improperly using this attraction, the air cushion becomes part of an instrument, which looks like a gigantic children’s bagpipe. The huge flow of air makes it possible to activate the Recorder Flute Asylum. A mass of abandoned, unused recorder flutes donated for the project.
The sound it produces tends more towards that of a dysfunctional organ. 
An ominous continuous interplay of recorders, which after an agonizingly long period of silence, is finally revived.  A personal and wry echo to a forced musical expression and a lost musical sensation during adolescence.
As the recorders are connected with the bag the space is increasingly filled by sharp sounds that dull each other, dissolve into each other.
The whole becomes a spatial experience in which the sound world changes as you move through the space. You distance yourself from certain sounds and new sounds creep in. As a spectator, you can determine your own soundscape.
(Airbag/14Holes is part of an ongoing research in creating several wind-producing mechanisms. It’s an attempt to dissolve the borders between instrument, sound installation and sculptures, creating a micro-universe, a weird but accessible entrance to a abstract sonic experience.)

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