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Lukas De Clerck
Lukas De Clerck lives and works in Brussels.
His artistic practice is currently centered around the Aulos,
an ancient-Greek double reeded double pipe that got extinct more than a millennium ago.
Inevitably auto-didact, he tries to imagine different improvised sound worlds.
Solo as Bloedneus & de Snuitkever and in the duo Ï Î, together with Victor Guaita Igual (Viola).
Furthermore, he likes to work with recognizable, almost everyday sound production. By putting actions like gargling, whistling and sneezing in an artistic context, a connection is made between the audience and its environment.
Throughout De Clerck's work, a tension between the extra- and the ordinary prevails.
He is part of Collectief Publiek Geluid (in collaboration with Musica, C-takt), a collective that focusses on sound creation in public space.
In 2019 he was selected for Emerging Sounds, a showcase festival in STUK for promising sound artists in Belgium, organized by Musica, Q-O2 and STUK.
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