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08/10/2016 - 29/10/2016
L_28 Urban Sound Design
Caroline Claus, Nadia Casabella, Marie Poupé, Flavien Gillié, Stijn Demeulenaere, Peter Cusack, Burak Pak, Petra Pferdmenges, Thomas Laureyssens, Robin Koek, Nicolas Remy (CRESSON)

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Caroline Claus designed the project L_28 Urban Sound Design. The undeveloped open space along the Western ring railway L28 has long been marginalized in Brussels planning processes. Thanks to its natural, historical and ecological richness the site is an excellent research object, especially in the context of urban sound design. The site in question is the environment of the railway line L28 in the municipalities of  Anderlecht and Sint-Jans-Molenbeek with among others Weststation, the subway and tram yard ‘Jacques Brel’, the canal and the regional green network as prioritary projects of the urban development in the coming years. Four workshops explore the relation between the sonic environment and the landscape of the area.

By means of soundscape research based on theoretical insights by Murray Schafer, CRESSON, Steve Goodman or Detroit Techno and the method of acoustic ecology, an overview of different components shaping the existent soundscape of the L28 is given. Through listening experiences accompanied by reflections via site-specific performances, a sound map and city sound walk, we analyze the very nature of the area. In a dialogue with experts from fields such as field recording, acoustic ecology and urban planning we reflect on how the current sound environment could be improved in a participatory manner.


*08/10 Session #1 – Territories

10.00 – 12.30 Seminar followed by: psfa-bxl: transversal discussion
Introduction of the actual planning context of the site with a focus on the history of one of the symbols of its economic development, railway line L28 and the actual relation between inhabitants and their environment.
Presentation of the politics of the region regarding the control of sound pollution and vibration in the Brussels Region.
The urban dimension of electronic and dance music culture.

13.30- 17.00 : Field session
The sonic geography of the site and the relation between the sonic environment and the urban space.
Introduction to field recording – recording techniques
On site observation of sonic effects and auditive architecture – field recording

Guests: Nadia Casabella (1010), Marie Poupé (IBGE)

*15/10 Session #2 – Cartography

10.00 – 12.30 Seminar followed by: psfa-bxl: transversal discussion
Application of interactive technology and social media for alternative cartography of sound in the city.
Sonic Mapping as critical spatial practice
Sound Maps

13.30- 17.00 : Field Session
Observation – classification and illustration of sonic effects in the open space of the railway site

Guests: Peter Cusack and Burak Pak (KU Leuven)

*22/10 Session #3 – Spatial Design

10.00 – 12.30 Seminar followed by: psfa-bxl: transversal discussion
Design of public space along L28
Use of presets – spatial planning and design of the sonic environment L28
Conditions for a participative tuning

13.30- 17.00 : Field Session
Determining strategies for a sonic experience in the open space of L28

Guests: Petra Pferdmenges (Alive Architecture), Nicolas Remy (CRESSON), Thomas Laureyssens (MAD)

*29/10 Session #4 – Site-Sounds

10.00 – 12.30 Seminar followed by: psfa-bxl: transversal discussion
Tactical challenge of urban sound strategies
Creation of location-based experiences
Sound Art in Transitional Spaces

13.30- 17.00 : Field Session
A Sonic walk/remix along L28

Guests: Robin Koek and Flavien Gillié

Co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

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