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08/10/2016 - 29/10/2016
Thomas Laureyssens
Thomas Laureyssens is an interaction-designer, lecturer and artist at the Media Arts Design Faculty (LUCA Arts | KU Leuven, BE). His research straddles the border between social design and ludic design, within the urban context. Currently, he is conducting artistic PhD research (2011-15) on the way in which games, ludic interventions and participatory tools for the urban environment can be used to improve the quality of these spaces, making them more social. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Graphic and Media design at Sint Lukas Brussels, he combined studio work with experimental media-arts projects, before joining the Media Arts Design Faculty as a design researcher and lecturer in 2007. He collaborated with a manifold of arts and research partners, including iMinds and Alcatel-Lucent. Together with the Social Spaces Research Group he investigates tools for collaborative practices, such as MAP-it, a hands-on tool used to plan, analyze and reconstruct past and future projects and spaces. It is a method to visualize a process in space and time, in a low-tech, open and flexible manner. It can be used in various situations, such as brainstorms, workshops, debriefings, and interviews.
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