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08/10/2016 - 29/10/2016
Burak Pak
Dr. arch. Burak Pak, Post-doctoral researcher and Design Studio Coordinator KU Leuven University, Faculty of Architecture Campus Brussels and Ghent   Burak is an architect-researcher focusing on collective spaces and alternative uses of digital spatial media for design empowerment. In 2014 he completed a three-year post-doctoral research project on “Evaluation of the Alternative Projects for the Brussels-Capital Region” which was supported by the INNOVIRIS. He is currently the co-promoter of the international JPI Urban Europe Project “Incubators of Public Spaces” which includes Living Labs in Brussels, London and Turin. He is the coordinator of the Urban Architectural Master’s Design Studio in Brussels (first year second semester) and teaches the International Master’s Dissertation following the theme “Collective Spaces for Super-diversity”.
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