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Sergio Merce
Tenor saxophone and self made electronic set player. Improviser and player in different projects interacting free improvisation and contemporary music composition techniques. He plays in the Avion Negro quintet since 1993, Hipereter quartet (two drums, two reeds) and in a duo electronics-reeds with Lucio Capece.He is also a recognized performer of improvised tenor saxophone solo concerts in Buenos Aires.He works since 1998 as a music teacher in kindergardens and schools with children between 3 and 8 years old.In the last years Sergio Merce has been studying the tenor saxophone by himself. Concentrating his work in developing his own extended techniques in the instrument(multiphonics,variety of tongue attacks, cicular breathing, etc).His self made electronic set is based on a portastudio, that he plays without tape. Using different kinds of objects (as needles) on the heads of the portastudio he makes sounds that are processed with a very simple effects and equalization set.
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