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05/07/2012 - 20:30
26/02/2013 - 20:30 - €8
Dewi de Vree

Dewi de Vree's work consists of sound performances and installations based on physical experiments. In these experiments natural phenomenon are shown, which are always around us in our daily lives. Most of them are so obvious that you sometimes don’t notice them anymore. Take for instance electricity, which we know through our household devices. But in the purest sense it is a very raw and aggressive phenomenon, deriving from the earth. Only when there is a thunderstorm, we are reminded of the immense power behind it. Next to making soundperformances and installations, she recently started making children-workshops. Together with Arno Verweij she's developing ‘Proefjeslab’, a mobile laboratorium in which children do science experiments at festivals and events. Always with the emphasis on sensual experience. Since 2010, Dewi de Vree is chairman of Stichting Centrum, based in the former Embassy of Congo in The Hague. Together with a group of artists, musicians and other creative minds we organise exhibitions, concerts and dinnercafe’s. Our focus is on the border between art, music, science, technology and daily-craft; a wide playground in which various initiatives take place.
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