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post-residency performance
oracle & Ruben Nachtergaele – postponed
19/11/2020 - 18h - free

During lockdown, oracle transformed their vocal practice into a telepathic practice to offer another form of connection in times of crisis and isolation; one that involves magic, imagination and communication through “waves/energy/particles”, reaching beyond physical borders. A variety of people responded to the call, ranging from the oracle community to persons from different communities in Brussels, and abroad.
Opening this practice to a broader community was an experiment in connectivity and a way for oracle to share financial resources in a time of need, offering a fee to each participant.  


Ruben Nachtergaele, sound-artist and fellow oracle, uses these recordings, mixing them into a sound-installation for 5 speakers.


In this listening session he is inviting an audience to peak into this work-in-progress, welcoming feedback as part of this creation process.


As if our voices were ringing through the ages and the walls and closed doors. Defying the laws that might silence such thoughts, reaction, impulses. Giving VOICE to the stuff we dare not speak – the sounds we dare not make. And knowing there were more like me at exactly the same time – a collective vibration of defiance (and sometimes defeat). These are challenging times that are promoting deep fears and confusion. It needs an outlet – to be heard beyond the political dialectic, past the welfare cues and supermarket scrabbles.
[written by a participant of the telepathic practice]

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