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mmile : Attila Faravelli + Ryoko Akama
27/01/2024 - 17h-18h30 - free

Presentation of the work in progress by sound artists Attila Faravelli and Ryoko Akama, as part of a residency programme organised by Ramdom as part of the Ogni Altro Suono festival (Italy), in collaboration with La Semaine du Son / De Week van de Klank and the Waking Life festival (Portugal).


This multidisciplinary project aims to explore the different forms that water can take in its physical, symbolic and spiritual states, in a constant dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary, reinterpreting and promoting the rediscovery of water culture in different territories and traditions. The residency involves research and the creation of projects in different countries, presented through masterclasses, public lectures, discussions and performances.


In a presentation, demonstration and discussion with the audience, Ryoko Akama will talk about the ideas and methods she uses in her installations and performances, and how they have evolved and changed over the last decade. Attila Faravelli will present a selection of his Field Recording work as well as a session on the current state of his collaboration with Ryoko in the context of Aural Tools, a project that plays with a series of simple sound-producing objects.


Event of La Semaine du Son. More info here.


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