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14/05/2011 - 20:30
02/05/2011 - 15/05/2011
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Attila Faravelli

(1976) studied electroacoustic composition with Alvise Vidolin and Michele Tadini. He arrived at his first solo work (Underneath the surface, released the last year on the italian Die Schachtel label) after significant experience gained as a composer for theatre, dance, silent movies and art installations. His music is mostly based on the assemblage of sounds collected in different times, places and produced with different techniques, rather than the result of an architectural principle. Sounds are free to attract or reject themselves in accordance with their own nature From this process comes an electronic music which isn't conceptual at all, but cohesive and founded upon textures made by the sounds themselves. In his live set and when collaborating with other musicians he plays a self made Max/Msp patch through 8 different prepared speakers, in the attempt to give acoustic complexity to abstract or prerecorded sounds He plays with Andrea Belfi on the duo Tumble and with Nicola Ratti. He collaborated with Claudio Sinatti, Cineteca Italiana Museo del Cinema, Antonio Latella, Bebo Storti, Augusto Contento, Andrea Caccia.
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