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post-residency concert
Maria Balabas & Mihai Balabas / Monophonique
25/05/2014 - 16:00

The post-residency presentation of Maria and Mihai Balabas will take place at the festival Monophonique at Les Halles de Schaarbeek.

Maria Balabas is a Romanian radio maker and sound artist. She performs a sound study she and her brother Mihai made about Brussels during her residency at Q-O2,a series of soundscapes dedicated to Brussels, trying to capture the aural specificity of the city. Those are dedicated to the traditional meaningful moments of the day – morning, midday, evening, night – each being a metaphor for the richness or poorness of our imagination and trying to depict the influence the big urban spaces have upon the human condition.

The four soundscapes will go from intimate feelings to large sonorities, will feature voices and fragmented stories merged into industrial and mechanical atmospheres. They will use field recordings made in Brussels during the time of the residency; the artistic process took them to processing the recordings, giving them musical narrative. The sound-structure will be completed with voices (text and melodic lines) and musical-instrumental layers.

Their presentation will be matches with a listening session from the blog of the Sounds of Europe project, which Q-O2 has initiated, and which frames de artistic use and practices of field recording.

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