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08/05/2014 - 25/05/2014
Mihai Balabas

Mihai Balabas is a multi-instrumentalist active both in symphonic area and in underground-independent scene. He collaborates with groups such as Trei Parale (old Romanian music), Abis (trip hop) and Bucium (ethno-rock), with artists such as Nik Bartsch (CH), Mircea Florian, Electric Brother, Norzeatic, Catalin Milea, Marcus Beuter (DE).  He gave concerts in multiple festivals in Romania and toured in London in 2013. As a sound-designer he collaborated with the Public Cultural Radio for creating playlists between 2008-2013. He studied Violin at the National University of Music in Bucharest, having a Master degree.

Together, Maria and Mihai are founding members of the artistic collective Avant'n'Gard, dedicated to improvised music. The group released four albums:  Landscape Painted in Tea  (bootleg album, 2010),  Tinfoil Sun (2012), Untempered Carols  (2012)  and Fuchsiada by Urmuz (Art, 2013) and was invited to participate in festivals such as the  International Week of New Music  (Bucharest, 2010-2012),  Jazz And More  (Sibiu, 2011),  Bookfest  (2012),  Astra Film Festival  (2012),  FanFest  (2012),  Street Delivery  (2010-2011), Dilema Veche (2013) etc.


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