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12/10/2011 - 15/10/2011

FIELD FEST presents an up-to-date sampling of the artistic use of field recording: discovering the hidden sounds of Brussels through the ear of the artist, for once enjoying the noise of garbage trucks, joining an artist in the morning to go hunting sounds, immersing in fresh soundcollages in the evening,…


Twenty artists, both new and established, will settle in Brussels’ Beursschouwburg and Q-O2. Besides concerts and performances there will also be time for the artists to elaborate on their different methods to use field recording as an artistic material, from a geographical, archiving or political approach to composed or conceptual works.


The artistic use of field recordings can be numerous: in sound installations or compositions; barely recognizable as a component in electroacoustic music or very abstract as recorded silence. Also, a strong philosophical dimension emerges around the question how we position ourselves against the world and its appearances.


FIELD FEST is the official launch of the ‘Sounds of Europe’-project initiated by Q-O2 (Brussels), MTG/Sons de Barcelona (Barcelona), IRZU (Ljubljana) and CRiSAP (London). ‘Sounds of Europe’ acknowledges and explores the increase of field recording activity in music, art and science.


Uploaded by RITS Radio Brussels:



12/10: €6  &  13-15/10: €8/€6 (reduction)  &  abo: €24/€18 (reduction) >




Wednesday 12/10/11 at Cinema RITS & Beursschouwburg


17:00  RITS / BNA-BBOT present My Favourite Brussels Sound @ Cinema RITS



19:30 Justin Bennett (NL/GB) @ Beursschouwburg


20:15 Eric La Casa (F) & Philip Samartzis (AUS) @ Beursschouwburg



21:30 martiensgohome (B) @ Beurs Kafee



Thursday 13/10/11 at Beursschouwburg


19:30 Peter Cusack (GB)


20:15 Manu Holterbach (F)


21:15 Anne Wellmer (NL/D)


21:45 Mecha/Orga (GR)



Friday 14/10/11 at Q-O2


18:00 Annea Lockwood (US)


19:30 Els Viaene (B)


20.30 Michael Pisaro (US)


21.30 Pauwel De Buck (B)



Saturday 15/10/11 at Q-O2


14:00 artist talks



16:15 Toshiya Tsunoda (JP) (video)


16:45 Manfred Werder (CH)


17:30 Lee Patterson (GB)



20:00 Jez riley French (GB)


20:45 Jason Kahn (CH/US)


21:30 Pali Meursault (F)


Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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