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Event#04: DoUndo / recycling G – Full Event
06/10/2006 - 20:00


20u00 ‘Bruno S’, Stefaan Quix
20u30 ‘Playground G’, Aernoudt Jacobs (20’) with Silvia Platzer
21u00 ‘Green Piece’, Anne Wellmer (25’) with Lucio Capece
21u40 ‘Unfinished Light’, Ludo Engels (15’) with Silvia Platzer
21u55 ‘HCATS (MPIG)’, Jens Brand (20’) with Silvia Platzer en Roel Avonds
22u15 ‘Doundo’, Els van Riel (15’) with Stevie Wishart
22u30 PAUZE
23u00 ‘Fi-Space Filtering’, Lucio Capece (25’)
23u30 ‘Sobre el Nivel del Mar’, Sergio Merce (25’)
23u55 ‘Wave/Particle’, Jim Denley (22’) with Silvia Platzer
00u20 ‘Doundo’, Manu Holterbach (20’)

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang - XI. Who Stole The Tarts? 7/22
Rebecca Lane & Clara de Asís 2/8/22
Florence Cats 29/7/22

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