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radio transmission
Lukas De Clerck – Bloedneus en de Snuitkever
22/01/2021 - 19h

Bloedneus en de Snuitkever is a musical project for newborn sonic adventures.

The Aulos, a double reeded double pipe, stands in the center of the research. Detached from it’s former owners and their entire culture, the instrument is sort of an enigma.

Breathing air into an instrument silenced for over a millennium, Bloedneus en de Snuitkever creates a humble re(co)naissance of the instrument.


The radio transmission offers an insight into the possibilites of the Aulos, introduced by Lukas De Clerck in conversation with Henry Andersen live broadcasted from Q-O2. We will hear a live-concert by Lukas recorded at Q-O2, fragments of interviews with different Aulos researchers and a series of recordings of other Aulos Players.



You can listen to the full recording of the radio transmission on our Podcast Channel here


With the support of the Flemish Community (Culturele Activiteiten Premie)

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