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[waiting list] OPEN CALL / We are trying to have a conversation (whistling group)
09/11/2018 -

During the month of November Lukas De Clerck will work around the topic of whistling in an urban context.
For his residency, he is looking for people who can whistle at any ‘level’.
The idea is to create whistling interventions in public space.



– 9, 16 November at Q-O2 from 10u-13u (with a possible continuation in the afternoon if we want)
focus on breath becoming whistle, concepts of movement and whistling together in a small space

– 23, 30 November at Carré Moskou from 17h-20h (thanks to Marie Moskou) with a ending performance on the 30th from 19u-20u.
translating the previous sessions to an outside context
focusing on working with the environment (hiding, blending in), distance, close proximity, communication.


Feel free to come once, twice, thrice, quatrice!

No musical background is needed!

For each meeting we will provide a lovely lunch.


To register please fill in this form online:

contact Lukas de Clerck:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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