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Wen Chin Fu

concert, try-out
Wen Chin Fu, Matteo Marangoni, Jeroen Uyttendaele, Dewi de Vree
05/07/2012 - 20:30

OHHO ||| Wen Chin Fu

OHHO is an instrument exploring physical movement and searching for an intimate contact with sound. The human body is used an integral part of a string instrument, replacing the body of the instrument with the body of the performer. Strings are strung onto the player so that the amount of muscular tension in the body directly affects their tension. Through slow and subtle movements, the performer gradually reveals the implicit relationships between movement and sound that are thus formed.

SPEAKER BOTZ ||| Matteo Marangoni

Speaker Botz are mobile robotic speakers, acoustic explorers of terrestrial space, artificial creatures that probe their environment with sonic impulses. Initially developed in reaction to the practice of sound spatialization as found in electro-acoustic music, they have become an autonomous project, resulting in poetic machines who’s purpose is to envelop listeners with patterns of echoes bouncing off the walls. Staging forms and interaction that range between attraction and threat, they activate a referential mode of listening routed in instincts of navigation and survival.

Ground ||| Jeroen Uyttendaele and Dewi de Vree

Ground is an audiovisual performance in which graphite drawings are used a control interface for several electronic instruments. Drawing, erasing and touching become the main gestures for a unique audiovisual composition. Graphite is a conductor for electricity. By using graphite as a variable resistor (instead of a standard knob) the pitch, amplitude and sound color of sound generators can be controlled. Ground offers a field of possibilities in which auditive and visual elements are interconnected. Drawing, touching and slowly or rapidly (re)positioning the instruments on the drawing have a direct auditive result. Live electronic music becomes an explicitly tangible and open practice.

Free entrance.

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