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Interpretations. the reader

In accompaniment to the festival of last December 2014, we put together a reader highlighting different positions towards the topic of interpretation.

You can consult this reader as pdf., or buy it for 5€. Just mail

With contributions by Christoph Cox, Camille Henrot, Roland Barthes, Giaco Schiesser, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval & Ivan Palacký, Andrea Neumann & Christian Kesten & Labor Sonor, Jennifer Walshe, Franziska Windisch, Manfred Werder, Charles Curtis, Bartaku & Ruta Vitkauskaite & Karl Heinz Jeron, Compost and Height & Patrick Farmer & Sarah Hughes, Julia Eckhardt/Eliane Radigue, Angharad Davies, Frederik Croene, Catherine Lamb, Guy De Bièvre, David Helbich, Joanna Bailie, Peter Ablinger, Okkyung Lee.

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09/05/2015 - 30/05/2015
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07/06/2015 - 28/06/2015
Mark Applebaum - Ruben Martinez Orio & Adam Rosenblatt 28/02/2015
Joseph Kurdirka 28/02/2015
Okkyung Lee - Interpretations. 06/12/2014
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