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the other the self#1 – Open Forum
11/10/2015 - 11:00 - 18:00 free

Open Forum – open for proposals

11h: Jane Dickson, Lucy Duncombe, Anneke Kampman: presentation on the work process of Labyrinthine
12h Dianne Weller: presentation
12.30h 14h Sara Baldini: the flutists voice – pieces for flute by Alireza Farhang and Kaija Saariaho

13h – break (lunch foreseen at the space)

14h Hannah Reardon-Smith: Taking risks – composition, improvisation, and uncertainty in Oliveros’ “13 Changes” – Oliveros 1986 text composition “13 Changes” invites the musician to play 13 different scenes or images. I initially prepared the work as one might prepare any piece for performance – I worked on my material until I found something that fit each scene best to my mind, while also thinking of the overall structure and the relationships between the scenes. The result is that, while I don’t play from any traditional score, I have pre-composed the work and know almost exactly what I will play. For this presentation, I would like to firstly discuss how I arrived at each scene material in my current realisation of the score, and then explore the possibilities of inserting some more risk and uncertainty into the process, to see how this might affect the identity of the piece and of the performer in the course of its presentation. Comments and discussion welcome!


Wan-Chien Cheng: By inspiring the title from Her Noise Archive at London College of Communication, Noise of Noise is the multimedia work linked with notions of history, archive, feminism and subject/object. By separating women’s voices into two groups with different positions and generations, the voice from female artists is the act of resistance, deploying counter-information as a means of resisting sexism. The intersection between each loudspeaker also establishes the subject (main speaker) and object (receiver) relationship in it. Through breaking the binary division of woman/man, object/subject, real/virtual in history or archive, other systems may be emerged from the resistance of binary world. Listeners’ position can also be manipulated through the way of directional perception and listening.

16:00h Primoz Sukic: workshop on exercises by Pauline Oliveros (exercises 6- back to back / 10- David Tudor / 11- Exchanges / 14- for Annea Lockwood and Alison Knowles / 21- Horse Sings From Cloud / 35- Rock piece)

17.30h Frederik Donche: sit-down

In collaboration with CRiSAP (University of the Arts London) & Ictus / Advanced Master of Contemporary Music (School of Arts)

In collaboration with:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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