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post-residency presentation
Caroline Profanter & Polyphrenic Creatures / Marco Lampis / The Second Sound launch
08/07/2017 - 19:00

Caroline Profanter & Polyphrenic Creatures: SPENDATIME

live alive lived listening encounters happen in a fictional waiting room. Waiting is considered as a condition, a state without any destination. In the lingering there is a potential to which we rarely give importance. The setting is made to distract you from a linear time progress. In an immersive sound environment auditive and material elements merge, utopian ideas and concrete observations meet. A time window opens up and creates a collective waiting experience from a listener’s perspective. (30 minutes presentation)



Marco Lampis: installation

Using different media such as wax, polystyrene, mirrors or cement, his works explores the border between body, objects and architecture towards an installation practice in which sound is sometimes present. At the same time, he produces sound pieces in which he attempts to describe (or analyze) objects. His work is inspired by the rhetorical figure of the Ekphrasis that indicates the verbal description of a visual art work, such a painting, a sculpture or an architectural work. (Installation)


The Second Sound

For the end of the season we invite everybody to drink a glass with us on the publication ‘The Second Sound’. Special prize 10€ for the occasion!


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Nika Son - Scatter

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