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Singing Bridges : Jodi Rose & Frederik De Wilde
15/06/2009 - 20:30

During the Q-O2 residency Jodi Rose developed a musical interface in collaboration with Frederik De Wilde, to trigger audio samples. The audio samples are field recordings of different bridges from all over the world. The interface will be live performed by Jodi Rose and available for public try-out. In addition a score (in progress) made by Jodi Rose will be running on 6 speakers. The audience is invited to explore the Q-O2 space whilst listening to composition. Furthermore you can expect a multitrack concert by Frederik De Wilde as well as by Jodi. During the residency he used fieldrecordings from the vast bridges audio library of Jodi Rose and reworked and processed the fieldrecordings to a music concrète composition (20′) with a spectral touch.

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