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Second Sundays #36 – Performensk
11/12/2022 - 16h (doors 15h30) - free
Second Sundays is a monthly series initiated by Q-O2. Each session a new guest is invited to share an insight into their own listening, playing and speaking about a selection of sound and music that is important to their thinking or practice. The sessions try to put value on listening to recorded music in a social setting as a space for discussion. The series takes place on the second Sunday of every month. Each session is paired with a cocktail-of-the-month, as decided by the invited guest.
This month, Second Sundays teams up with Performensk Festival and hosts the artist Nikolay Karabinovich and artist duo Aliens (Marika Krasina and Anton Kryvulia), for a double-listening session, each round 40 minutes, showing a wide palette of musical influences presented by the artists.
Performensk 2022 is the fourth edition of the International Festival of Performative Arts originally based in Minsk, Belarus, that due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the current political situation in and around its home city had to relocate to Brussels with the collaboration of Atelier 210 and Q-O2.
*** Exceptionally at 16:00 *** doors (15:30)
More info about the program of the other days in Atelier 210 (December 8-10)
Performensk Festival  –>
This listening session will be streamed on radio p-node, live from Q-O2:
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Nika Son - Scatter

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