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werkplaats experimentele muziek en klankkunst
Oscillation in situ
01/05/2019 - 11:00

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.

• 11h—22h in situ:

11h Isabelle Stragliati: Meditation/Sound/City: a soundwalk

• 14h—18h Thierry Madiot with Yanik Miossec: Sound Massage

• 18h25 Oracle: Reading the Zone

• 19h30 Paulo Dantas: Conversations

• 21.30h Anna Raimondo: Derrière la mer


• Isabelle Stragliati

Meditation/Sound/City: A soundwalk

“Noise pollution results when we do not listen carefully. Noises are the sounds we have learned to ignore. Noise pollution today is being resisted by noise abatement. This is a negative approach.” R. Murray Schafer, The Soundscape(1977)

Isabelle Stragliati works on sound in relation to contemplation, meditation and perception, in interaction with the city environment – through writings, readings, discussions, and field recording, meditation and soundwalk practices. Her work has led her to establish a soundwalk method based on pure awareness of city sounds. She invites you to experiment with this method during a one-hour walk in the Anderlecht neighbourhood.

(Start Place Lemmens, 1070 Bxl, please register.)


• Thierry Madiot with Yanik Miossec

Sound Massage: “On Table” and “Head to Head”

Sound massages present an unprecedented sound art practice. It’s all about trust. The audience enters into
an unknown but familiar sound universe that is perceived through the entire body. Using everyday objects, a musician will produce acoustic, almost inaudible sounds close to or even inside the ear of the listener, radically upsetting their spatial and internal listening. By abolishing distance, a sonic microscope is established: the abandonment goes without saying. This live acousmatic mini-concert takes about ten minutes and awakens in you the sensation of a new life of sounds.
(15 minutes slots, please register.)



Reading the Zone

A public intervention which aims to open oracular practice to a broader audience. We will wander during the transitory moment when day turns into night, when nature holds its breath for a moment, while the city continues on at its usual pace. We will welcome the darker matters of the day, reading the prophetic information contained in this moment. Each session is unique to the moment and environment and involves individual expression in a collective setting.

(This performance is the outcome of the workshop which takes place the same day.)


 • Paulo Dantas


This piece is the diffusion, through two megaphones, of excerpts of confusing conversations in some of the several languages spoken in the city of Brussels. The excerpts will be diffused at specific points throughout the city, interacting with their spatial properties through sound. Conversations is a (re)collection of recordings, translations and texts, focused on the themes of language, being foreign, memory and the oneiric. This intervention is connected to the project Language learning as field recording, body as media, an attempt at recording aspects of the city of Brussels in the body of Paulo Dantas according to a set of rules: avoid English as a language; try to communicate in local languages only.

 (Kruispunt Henegauwenkaai en Ninoofse Stwg / Carrefour Quai du Hainaut et Chée de Ninove)


 • Anna Raimondo

Derrière la mer (2018)

A sound piece, score, and hand-made libretto, performed by Edyta Jarząb and Jérôme Porsperger.
Derrière la mer is a composition and a score based on speech excerpts from people from different cultural and geographic horizons, in dialogue with Koranic and Biblical passages related to the sea. It proposes a vocal journey between cultures and languages and multiple visions of the sea, intended as an element which is impossible to break and not intended to separate.
The score has three parts: “Toward the Sea” is the sensual relation with this element; “Crossing the sea” evokes the dangers that it represents; “Beyond the Sea” proposes a vision and a reflection on the symbolic end of the sea.

Takes place at at Q-O2.)


In collaboration with:

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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