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Oscillation at Le Lac
03/05/2019 - 20:00

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.

Sound and poetry with Paulo Dantas, Anne-Laure Pigache & Jérôme Noetinger, Marc Matter, and Guillaume Maupin.


• Paulo Dantas

[bʁy.sɛl] | [ˈbrʏ.səl]

The performance[bʁy.sɛl] | [ˈbrʏ.səl] is comprised of a (re)collection of recordings of banal situations; resonances / feedbacks; distortions of words; and confusing translations into French and Dutch of personal texts, focused on the themes of communication, memory and the oneiric. It is also a coda to the project Language learning as field recording, body as media, an attempt at recording aspects of the city of Brussels in my body following two “simple” rules: avoid English; try to communicate in local languages only.


• Anne-Laure Pigache & Jérome Noetinger

Paroles Paysages

Paroles Paysages is a regular radio program by Anne-Laure Pigache on Radio Campus Grenoble. It is a live radio performance in which Pigache plays with everyday talk and ongoing thoughts. It is a space where the word is sound and where sound becomes word at the interstices of language, at the limits of meaning. It is a dive down into the phonemes of the language. A wandering in the corporeity of speech. For this occasion Anne-Laure Pigache invites Jérôme Noetinger to join her. Noetinger’s very sculpted use of the tape recorder amplifies and deploys this deconstruction of the language, letting sound emerge from it.


 • Marc Matter

Lingual Boom & Monotonous Mutations

The sonic qualities of language and the use of found texts (and sometimes voices) provide the basis for the word-compositions and sampler-poetry of Marc Matter. They are inspired by text-sound-poetry and conceptual / generative approaches in literature. He is interested in highly structured and standardised structures of speech and text, as in news broadcasts, dialogues or lists. He also uses the different grades of density in audio texts to create a mangled linguistic sound that uses sound effects and heavy editing to manipulate speech and voice recordings, a search for semantic collisions in the sound-space.


 • Guillaume Maupin


Singer and musician Guillaume Maupin will create instantaneous chansons, that respond to the evening’s performances, accompanied by guitar and shruti box.


In collaboration with:

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Nika Son - Scatter

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