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The Oceanographies Broadcast
02/04/2021 - 19h

Listen via our podcast-channel: here


What’s your relation to the ocean?

Is there an element of the ocean that is particularly relevant to you?


The Oceanographies Institute functions as a collaborative platform between the artists Marialena Marouda, Charlie Usher and Elpida Orfanidou. TOI’s focus is, essentially, the relation between two bodies of water: the human body and the world ocean. The institute studies the relations of hands to mud, ears to the breaking of waves, feet to the feeling of sinking, rather than the ocean “in itself”, as if devoid of human presence. TOI collects and reenacts people’s personal stories about their encounters with the ocean. Where scientific researchers use microscopes and petri dishes, TOI uses microphones and the sound of the voice, or the sound of objects –a beanbag, as hands sink into it, for example– as a means to study human-ocean kinships.


The upcoming radio broadcast will make it possible to share TOI’s work during residencies at Q-O2 in April ’20 and February ’21, publicly. The format of the radio is new and exciting to TOI. In the framework of the broadcast, the institute will explore the threshold between speech, sound and song with its polyphonic protocols. With its Ocean Demonstrations, it is summoning different ocean elements – such as “immensity” or “horizon”- by letting ocean soundscapes emerge from the interactions between humans and objects.


With and by: Charlie Usher, Elpida Orfanidou and Marialena Marouda

Vocal Training: Johanna Peine

Frozen Sea (Parole Gelees) written and performed by Marcus Bergner. Co-sound editor: Myriam Van Imschoot


Production management: arp vzw. and HIROS vzw.

Coproduction: Kaap (2020-21), WAB 2020, C-takt (2020)

In 2020-21, TOI is supported by a development grant by the Flemish Government.

The broadcast takes place with the support of Q-O2 and financed by an Activiteiten Premie of the Flemish Government.

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