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post-residency presentation
Katharina Klement + Mariana Carvalho
30/08/2019 - 18h - free

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in Engels.

During her residency-period at Q-O2, Mariana is investigating relations between bodies and space. Exploring how sound is propagated and vibrates inside and outside the body, or taking body as a filter – with it’s flesh, bones, materiality -, she expects to create a dispositiv to share different points of listening, dealing with inner and outer resonance. In this way, she works through improvisation with performative installation or video installation, using nylon, voice and maybe instruments, binaural microphones and contact microphones.



Katharina Klement will present her solo „suite pour une femme seule“ for zither, preparations, electronics.
She started her first solo of this series in 2015 with the line up clavichord, zither, synthesizer, ringmodulator, prerecorded sounds, transducer. The base is a quite strictly organized structure with several free spaces for improvisation. Within the last three years she developed and changed this solo for a few times. The setting and form metamorphosed continuously, she adapted it to certain locations and situations. During her stay at Q-O2 she developed the process further, creating a version matched to the place and with some new preparations. 
If Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry are inventing a symphonie pour un homme seul in 1950 as one of the first pieces in acousmatic music it is laying in the air to launch a suite pour une femme seule nearly 70 years later.
 After the residency the solo will be recorded and released on a Vinyl at Ventil records/Austria.



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