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werkplaats experimentele muziek en klankkunst
post-residency sound walk
Yannick Guédon & D’incise
18/07/2023 - 20/07/2023

As part of their residency, D’incise and Yannick Guédon are offering listening walks in the vicinity of Q-O2.
Each tour lasts an hour and a half.
You can make an appointment to attend by email:
The exact time will be arranged with each participant, depending on their availability.
You can also call 0486 4321 57.

This very recent duet assembles sound motifs and silences, listens to birds, and examines the way in which a specific territory shapes certain musical practices.


During their residency, the artists will explore the surroundings of Q-O2 by activating modes of attention to environments and exploring sonic situations that might reveal certain aspects of them.

“This sound experimentation will take place outdoors and will activate the questions of lying in wait and approach. It will take the form of a stroll that will take us to various staging posts. From there, musical scores will be used to make us aware of everything around us; a time to make “perceptible, sensitive, active, operative, things that exist but were not perceived before”. They’ll be looking at how to approach these places, how to listen to them, how to leave them, how we return to them…

We like to think that hunting is certainly one of the ancestral activities that inspired the forms of concerts and listening situations that we are now familiar with.

The central idea is to share our ways of listening. We want to defuse the notion of the concert to open up other forms of listening situation: from the environment, from the group of spectators themselves, via collective or individual practices, and via our own sound performances.

Our compositions are no longer necessarily what you need to listen to specifically, but supports for hearing and feeling the sonic imprint of a place. They invent standards of comparison with other sound phenomena, and create benchmarks and indicators that enable us to share a listening experience.”

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