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01/03/2015 - 25/03/2015

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« mamagoto »

During my time in Q-O2 residency, I will work on new performance/installation piece(s) « mamagoto ».

« mamagoto » means in japanese a child play to simulate cooking or adults habits. 
« mama » means in baby language « food » and « goto » means « matter » or « things ». 
In my work, this « matter » goes beyond  the « culinary » habit, it is a simulacrum.

My aim is to find new material for « mamagoto » in Brussel, research the symbolic between  the material and the gesture and find the form and play with it. 
The performance connects how sound/event occurs and how it is received. 
By translating the movement into an acoustic event, which (sometimes) live-recorded up by microphone and be played back.
The performance becomes later an installation piece, which consist of several different pieces of « mamagoto » in a space. 

« mamagoto » is a series i have been working since 2010, in different forms of (so far) cooking or fortune-telling. 
It has been performed and exhibited in different cities, Torino, Hong Kong, Cologne, Düsseldorf, London and Denmark.

December 2014
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