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01/03/2015 - 25/03/2015


During my time in Q-O2 residency, I will work on new performance/installation piece(s) “mamagoto”.

“mamagoto” means in japanese a child play to simulate cooking or adults habits. 
“mama” means in baby language “food” and “goto” means “matter” or “things”. 
In my work, this “matter” goes beyond  the “culinary” habit, it is a simulacrum.

My aim is to find new material for “mamagoto” in Brussel, research the symbolic between  the material and the gesture and find the form and play with it. 
The performance connects how sound/event occurs and how it is received. 
By translating the movement into an acoustic event, which (sometimes) live-recorded up by microphone and be played back.
The performance becomes later an installation piece, which consist of several different pieces of “mamagoto” in a space. 

“mamagoto” is a series i have been working since 2010, in different forms of (so far) cooking or fortune-telling. 
It has been performed and exhibited in different cities, Torino, Hong Kong, Cologne, Düsseldorf, London and Denmark.

December 2014
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