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laboratoire de musique expérimentale et d’art sonore
04/12/2014 - 08/12/2014

Festival & winter school

Is all art interpretation? A translation into yet another shape, frame or context? Could editing be a contemporary form of interpretation? How does memory filter our listening? Who is the author? An array of concerts, lectures and workshops will explore different aspects of the topic. Composition and improvisation, the potential of material and its limitations, ways of performance, memory strategies, notation and authorship. All these issues will be highlighted, unfolding new perspectives on how artists are working with sound and music today.

Thursday 4/12:

20:00 – concert: authorship / indeterminacy

Manfred Werder: found words / found sentences (lecture-performance)

Peter Ablinger : The Real as Imaginary (2012), Weiss/Weisslich 11B

Charles Curtis: Alvin Lucier – Glacier, Alison Knowles – Rice and Beans for Charles Curtis

Friday 5/12:

20:00 – concert: transmission/notation

Franziska Windisch – Corrosion

Andrea Neumann & Mario de Vega – score for m

Robin Hayward & Charles Curtis: Eliane Radigue – OCCAM V, OCCAM XI, OCCAM River IV

Saturday 6/12

15:00 – conference

Guy De Bièvre – Goldberg Variations III – interpreting Bach through Cage (performance-lecture)

Joanna Bailie – Strange cover versions

Charles Curtis – Drawing in the Air: Sound and its Representation

Compost and Height (Sarah Hughes&Patrick Farmer) – On Water Yam

19:00 – concert: material

Catherine Lamb – shade/gradient

Joanna Bailie & Gwenaëlle Rouger (piano) – Artificial Environment No.8

Frederik Croene – Le Piano Démécanisé, Roll over Czerny, Januspiano, new work

Angharad Davies – Six Studies

Okkyung Lee – white on white

Sunday 7/12

19:00 – concert: mind & memory

David Helbich – No Music: performative rehearsal

Dafne Vicente Sandoval & Ivan Palacky – listen listen

Jennifer Walshe – The Total Mountain

Bartaku & Ruta Vitkauskaite & Karl Heinz Jeron & UnChoir – Aronia M. Ouverture

Tickets: Lectures 5€ Concert 8€ Pass 25€

Workshops: 15€ Registration is required, discounts when booking multiple workshops.

In collaboration with Ictus ManaMa (Advanced Master in Contemporary Music)

Sebastian Dingens - WALKS
Pavel Tchikov 29/11/23
Nika Son - Scatter

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