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Primož Sukič
Slovenian guitarist Primož Sukič was born in Koper, Slovenia in 1986. He began his musical education at the Music school in Piran and continued his studies with prof. Andrej Grafenauer at Academy of music in Ljubljana and at Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt with the renowned German guitarist Tilman Hoppstock. As a performer his main interests are exploring and widening the possibilities of his instrument, both classical and electric guitar, two instruments being very similar and different at the same time. He collaborates on a regular basis with ensembles such as IEMA, Spectra, ICTUS and Neofonia and in his solo performances he is often collaborating with artists from different artistic fields. He is currently residing in Brussels, Belgium where he is taking part in a advanced master study program for contemporary music, offered by the Music Conservatory of Gent in connection with contemporary music ensembles ICTUS and Spectra.
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