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post-residency presentation
25/04/2012 - 20:30

Yann Gourdon only contemplates sounds in relation to an environment – a landscape or a structure. His pieces have a lasting quality and take on a life of their own in that they dispense with the need for an interpreter.
The process engaged reveals latent acoustic phenomena induced by the distinctive physical features of the space where the sound is propagated. He essentially works from pure sounds that are created electronically, from feedback or from continuous sounds that have been recorded and are broadcast via an amplifier system; yet, sound is not the object, a loudspeaker, a sound, a listener.
Listeners cannot simply cross this space if they keep their ear tuned to the narrative object, they must move their attention to the vibratory fields. The device is not a visual pretext that justifies the malleability of the piece but is chosen for its sound-emitting qualities. He considers the spaces and areas produced to be a new possible place.

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