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Valeria Merlini&Heidrun Schramm [Railroad Concrète]@AuQuai
20/05/2018 - 19:00

Concert by Ambient Lay Down. The 4th edition takes place at a new location with more space to lay down.


Railroad Concrète / Electroacoustic
0x4D546864 / Deconstruction of midi classics
Cornil / Memories soundscape


Q-O2 residents Duo JD Zazie / Heidrun Schramm present Railroad Concrète – Electroacoustic. The duo started in 2017 with the project Railroad Concrète based on actual train sounds, developed in the form of compositions and sound installations. Railroad Concrète plays with noises, inner resonances, sonic landmarks, signals, social sounds and train station’s acoustic qualities.


Entry 5€, first concert 19h00 (no street shoes in concert room allowed). More info:

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