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19/05/2018 - 27/05/2018
20/05/2018 - 19:00
27/05/2018 - 18:00
Heidrun Schramm
Heidrun Schramm’s work includes intermedia composition and audiovisual installation. Her electroacoustic concepts employ source material from acoustic instruments, objects, and field recordings. The staged results are hybrid forms between acousmatic concerts, performance art, and installation. The initial point of her work can be an incidental noise or discreet tone, simply happening in a given situation. These found sounds are thoroughly investigated in regards to their properties and potentials. Everyday life, spatial context, and poetic transformation are important factors in her work. Her work has been performed, exhibited, and screened in festivals, venues and galleries such as: Heroines of Sound Festival Berlin, IMAkusmonium, St. Pölten, Kunstverein Gera, One Minute Film Festival Aarau/Switzerland, Velak Gala Vienna, Blurred Edges Festival Hamburg. She holds an MA from the UdK, Berlin; where she studied in the Sound Studies Program. Additionally, she has been teaching at the UdK Berlin since 2013, and has been leading artistic workshops in schools since 2011.
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