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Mariana Carvalho: Sound_body_listening – exploring inner sounds with Eutony
01/09/2019 - 14h - 17h

This workshop explores relations between body and sound, working the awareness of the body’s inner space. It is an immersive experience of sound-making and listening, using some tools of eutony, a somatic practice developed by Gerda Alexander. The participants will experiment different corporeal states and configurations provoked by conscient observation. Individually and in group, they will experience sound through senses, sensations, perception. Topics as the conscience of skin, bones, contact, inner space, weight, body image and volume will be explored and then conducted into collective experimentation using improvised sound/movement. Voice, body and space can be used.


Participants: 6 (min) to 12

Workshop in English

15€ participation fee

Registration by email: info[]

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