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Sónma, corps phonographes (Anne Lepère & Marion Sage)
03/12/2017 - 10:00-17:00

Workshop with Anne Lepère & Marion Sage. In the framework of creating an album dedicated to an active listening attitude and participation of the listener, we will be testing some experiments carried out during our residency at Q-O2 in August 2017. Research questions relate to the use of the body that allows us to perceive in different ways. Beyond its anatomical and rational limitations, the body is considered as a phonograph that marks vibrations at distance and resonates with external events. How do we prepare it in order to reach states of relaxation allowing us to better perceive and pay attention?

During this workshop, participants will cross universes built by their own imagination. The creative spirit will become a builder of a place, a habitat. Our voices will resonate within this space, both individually and collectively. We pay attention to what we see and hear, the resonance within the group will be modelled by a form of eco-listening.



Sunday 3/12 from 10h to 17h – Registrations: – Fee: 10€, lunch included – Presentation open to the public at 18:30h (workshop participants are invited to take part in the presentation of residency output on the same day)

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