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Rie Nakajima & Pierre Berthet & Guy De Bièvre & Johan Vandermaelen
24/11/2013 - 20:30 - 6€

Guy De Bièvre (BE) is a composer, arranger, musician, sound engineer, sound designer and sound art curator. His music has been commissioned and/or performed by musicians such as Guy Klucevsek, Seth Josel, Anne La Berge, The Bozza Mansion Project, Gene Carl, Annette Sachs, Zivatar Trio, Zwerm and various local and international organizations. Currently he’s again active as a performer (guitar and lap steel), which recently resulted in collaborations with composers Phill Niblock, Tom Hamilton and Peter Zummo. As a composer/performer he focusses on open form composition, which was also the topic of the PhD he obtained at the School of Arts, Brunel University, London. Next to all this he’s teaching (in Brussels and in Ghent), freelancing as a writer, sound engineer, sound designer and advisor. He was the curator of the audio art series Earwitness at CCNOA (Center for Contemporary Non Objective Art) and INTERVAL in Ghent and of the Culture Mile in Enschede, Holland (first installment in November 2008 (Bill Fontana)).

Pierre Berthet (°1958 – Liège, BE) studied percussion with André Van Belle and Georges-Elie Octors. Improvisation with Garrett List. Composition with Frederic Rzewski. Music theory with Henri Pousseur.Designs and builds sound objects and installations (steel, plastic, water, magnetic fields,…). Presents them in exhibitions and solo or duo performances with Brigida Romano (C.D. “Continuum asorbus” on the label Sub Rosa) or Frédéric Le Junter (C.D. “Berthet Le Junter” on the label Vandœuvres). Collaborated with “13th tribe” (C.D. “Ping pong anthropology”). Played percussion in Arnold Dreyblatt’s “Orchestra of excited strings” (C.D. “Animal magnetism”, label Tzadik ; C.D. “The sound of one string”, label Table of the elements).

Since 1988, he presents his works in exhibitions and solo performances in Holland, Germany, France and Belgium. The installations “Extended drops” and “Extended loudspeakers” belong – together with their multiple variations – to his best new works. Main shows of the recent years include Soundseing III, Westphal, Visual sounds, Cologne or Audiograft Festival, Oxford. Since 2010 he regularly performs “Galileo”, a piece for five sounding pendulums by Tom Johnson.


Rie Nakajima is an artist working with installations and performances that produce sound. Her works are most often composed in direct response to unique architectural spaces using a combination of audio materials and found objects.

The works created for the purposes of “playing” the sounds she has in mind are often placed matter-of-factly on the floor or take the form of assembled objects that serve as sound makers, 
giving rise to inorganic spaces. Listening to the works in such finely honed environments brings to the surface in a pure way people’s imagination, memories, and deepest thoughts. 

Nakajima has exhibited and performed widely both in the UK and overseas. She produces ‘Sculpture’ series with David Toop since 2013. In 2014 she won the Arts Foundation Award in the category of Experimental Music.

Johan Vandermaelen (1962) is a composer, improviser, maker of instruments and installations.

Meeting Hugh Davies in the late 70’s triggered the interest for making electro-acoustic instruments.

He attended the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp where he studied electronic music under Joris De Laet. As an improviser you could find him in several groups and combinations. Furthermore he composed music / sound design for films (several for Magnum Photo Agency) and played music by and worked with e.g. Alvin Lucier, George Crumb, Phill Niblock.

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