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Razen + Varkenshond
14/10/2016 - 20:30 - 6€

Razen is a group of multi-instrumentalists based in Brussels. From strict and uncommon choices of instruments and improvised, psychedelic hybrids they generate sound on an intuitive melting point between old European music, deep listening and historical avantgarde.

“a heady brew of deep listening music that is almost medieval in mood and wholly reverential in technique” ( Edwin Pouncey / Wire Magazine)

Varkenshond is a pan-ethnic ritual improvisation ensemble, based on the Maggergergorian spiritual philosophy and the ancient Támoldut knowledge of energy fields.

Rumour has it that these ‘pig dogs’ found each other around 2006 during a lecture about cosmic radiation. Shortly thereafter they retreated to a Russian convent to form their artistic vision. Varkenshond could be described as a Belgian pan-ethnic ritual improvisation ensemble that plays grotesque tribal jams; the sort of neo-jam band that transcends any form of cynicism. (De Player)

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