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Plus Minus & Tape That
18/12/2011 - 20/12/2011

Plus Minus and Tape That will be taking the first steps towards the realization of a joint project entitled Tape to Real. Our research will centre around the idea of making a performance which is essence a realtime cover version of a carefully selected recording. Using a multi-track recorder, microphones, objects and instruments, we will investigate the musical and performative potential of a process involving the gradual erasing and remaking of the pre-recorded material.

TAPE THAT are Koen Nutters and Christophe Meierhans. Their work is based on sound in a broad sense and is not devoted to one specific format but rather to developing different ones that lie between installation, concert, CD production and intervention according to the conditions and concerns of each project. Sound is the main focus, but as a departure point, as a perspective from which to look at things. TAPE THAT works with sound and the rest, or rather, with sound in the rest; seeking connections and interferences between sound manipulation and its contigencies, between sound and everything that is not the sound itself but which it inevitably comes into contact with, is constrained or extended by.

Plus Minus is an Anglo/Belgium octet committed to presenting new work alongside landmark modern repertoire. Formed in 2003 by Joanna Bailie and Matthew Shlomowitz, + – is distinguished by its interest in avant-garde, conceptual, and experimental open instrumentation pieces such as Stockhausen’s 1963 classic, from which the group takes its name.

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